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Cafe Colucci

Cafe Colucci

6427 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, California 94609

Suggested by Heather

In attendance:

Introduced to me by my friends Tinny and Jarek, Cafe Colucci has quickly become my favorite Ethiopian place in the Bay Area. There isn’t anywhere in San Francisco that compares. This food is FLAVORFUL. It’s pretty greasy and has loads of onions but you know, live a little!

We started with the the meat sambussa and some fried potato things. They kind of resembled floppy potato chips, but they were very flavorful, especially when topped with salt and that spicy red powder they have on the table instead of pepper. Sambussa were delicious of course.

For the main course, we ordered a massive plate of food to share. They split it into two plates, actually. We got two orders of the veggie combo, which I always get when I go to Colucci. My favorite is the buticha, which is kind of like hummus. We got the sega tibs (beef with onions, jalapenos, rosemary, fresh tomato), doro tibs (chicken with onions, jalapenos, etc.), mushroom tibs, lamb tibs, and shrimp tibs. The food came out steaming hot, served on a bed of injera — the vinegar-y bubbly bread that is traditional of Ethiopian food. Infinite injera was served in baskets; you use the bread as a sort of utensil to scoop the food from the plate. Everything was rich and flavorful. Onions are perfectly caramelized, meat was tender and permeated with flavor.

I can’t really describe this place well enough. Just go.

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