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El Zocalo

El Zocalo

3230 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Suggested by Reed

In attendance:

Here’s my quick & dirty “I wrote this after I forgot the details” review:

What we got, from what I can remember —

  • fried platanos con crema (mmmmm…)
  • empanadas (yum!)
  • deep fried pork (belly?) (not my favorite. too fried.)
  • fried bananas stuffed with beans (was that the empanadas?) – so good!
  • pupusas! – pork & cheese, chicken & cheese, etc. (delicious of course, pork & cheese was best)
  • beef soup, chicken soup (extremely tasty)
  • many many fried things (I lost track)
  • for dessert, atol de elote (ground corn, cinnamon, milk), with a dish of candied yam & another kind of candied fruit, covered in the sweetest syrup ever. PURE SUGAR. pretty good though.

Everything was deep fried! Least healthy meal ever. Tasty though.

(Written Feburary 11, 2009.)

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