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381 South Van Ness
San Francisco, CA 94103

Suggested by Leah

In attendance:

East German food! I’d never had it before. Started off with the potato pancakes with chive sour cream and applesauce. Delightful! Nice and crispy. Unfortunately, I am writing this review a month too late and have forgotten what I ordered; I believe it was the Jger Schnitzel (Porkloin) with Spatzle and Creamy Mushrooom Sauce, but it may have been something off the specials menu. It had pork and mushrooms and spatzle, but also red cabbage. I’m not a big cabbage fan in general, but it was actually pretty good. Surprisingly sweet. The spatzle was delicious (I’m a sucker for starchy sides) and the pork was incredibly juicy and tender. The mushrooms were mushroomy. There wasn’t a whole lot in the way of seasonings but I think that’s just the way German food is (I’m more accustomed to the highly seasoned ethnic food that is ubiquitous in San Francisco). I enjoyed it! Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meals well enough too (it wasn’t as much of a sharing meal as the other FATs have been). Delicious beer (go for the Weltenburg Amber, or the Franziskaner Hefeweizen). We got the Cold Dog and the Apple Sturdel for dessert. Strudel was awesome, Cold Dog was good but kind of boring.

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