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Special Edition FAT: Cured Meats & Cheese party at Heather & Ed’s!

Suggested by Leah,
Heather, and Jared

In attendance:
Josh S.

Leah, Jared and I went to Slow Food Nation the prior weekend and managed to acquire a large quantity of cured meat from the Heritage Foods stand. We got “Surry-ano” ham (lovingly dubbed “buttermeat” by us), a large chunk of some amazing garlic sausage, and a slab of unsliced coppa. We also got a huge half-wheel of mystery cheese for $10. All of it was amazing. Laurie brought 3 cheeses from Bi-Rite: something with a ground coffee rind (what! amazing), something incredibly stinky (grayson), and a third cheese that I can’t remember at the moment. Brendan and Mo brought some prosciutto, some smoked gouda, and a slab of brie which they warmed and topped with strawberry (?) jam. Josh brought some Klinker-Brick shiraz. Jared brought some Cakebread Cellars white wine and bread pudding. Lee made some wonderfully spicy chili. Divine, absolutely divine, all of it. A wonderful evening with friends.

20080903 – Meat & Cheese Party from Ed Hunsinger on Vimeo.

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