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Metro Kathmandu

Metro Kathmandu

311 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94117

Suggested by Laurie

In attendance:


Pretty standard good Indian/Pakistani food. The one thing that made it stand out as different from most Indian places was the momos. Momos are a Nepalese specialty. They are best described as delicate steamed dumplings similar to potstickers. We ordered all three kinds: chicken, everest (buffalo), and vegetable. Unfortunately they brought us samosas instead of the vegetable momos and we didn’t realize at the veggie momos weren’t also coming until it was too late. Samosas were decent but nothing special. Jared got the Kathmandu fish curry; I didn’t try it so I can’t comment on it. Aaron got saag paneer, which was creamy and delicious. I love saag paneer; it’s such a subtle dish. There didn’t seem to be much different about it than the saag paneers I’ve had at other quality Indian restaurants. Laurie got the goat curry. I tried a bite and it was good, though it didn’t stand out to me. Leah got the chicken tikka masala which was of course delicious. I can’t resist this dish ever. Tracey got the chicken curry and I got the lamb curry; they were basically the same except for the difference in meat. Chicken was not dry; lamb wasn’t melt-in-your-mouth tender, but it wasn’t tough either. We got roti and paratha to eat our curries with. The paratha was awesome. The roti was pretty standard. We were way too stuffed to get dessert!

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